Monday, June 19, 2017

C + B

Last weekend I was able to go to a beautiful wedding for a girl that I have known since she was a baby! Crazy how time can go by so fast. Now she is grown and was such a beautiful bride! Thanks so much for having me guys! It was such a pleasure!
 photo j21_zpsuykpfhbm.jpg
 photo j18_zps1u5vps20.jpg  photo j11_zps1qti7vle.jpg  photo j16_zps2mxkuhp1.jpg  photo j19_zpsdpy2efa6.jpg  photo j14_zpsiown6oth.jpg  photo j17_zps6tszzepg.jpg  photo j12_zpsnfalkn4b.jpg  photo j10_zpsqvzwwxez.jpg  photo j3_zps6q54lqaq.jpg  photo j2_zpsbkmlsvys.jpg  photo j4_zpss2soijwh.jpg  photo j1_zpsbxfcy3yy.jpg  photo j8_zpsnxzzpmio.jpg  photo j6_zpsqdr4jfbo.jpg

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Some of my faves!

Last week I got to spend some time with some of my favorite people! Their oldest son just returned home from a two year mission and I think this momma was so happy to have her boys all back together! Thanks for having me friends!!
 photo l4_zpsnzripqcu.jpg  photo l6_zps2u0g609i.jpg  photo l3_zpsaw106nuw.jpg  photo l14_zps3ilhv6zm.jpg  photo l8_zpsakpykyol.jpg  photo l9_zpso2adyiro.jpg  photo l10_zps7y7whmbd.jpg  photo l7_zps6znc1sn4.jpg  photo l2_zpslr7zshdt.jpg  photo l5_zpssebwc7cm.jpg  photo l13_zpsi0lwkz8s.jpg

Sunday, April 30, 2017


It's hard to believe my own Senior prom was 18 years ago! How did that happen?! But lucky for me I got to spend some time with these great couples as they were headed off to their own Senior prom! Thanks for having me! Hope you all had a wonderful night!!
 photo p20_zpspnim2gjb.jpg  photo p11_zpsvvkiuxdw.jpg  photo p14_zpsotiiv7sn.jpg  photo p13_zpshaaa8ysk.jpg  photo p18_zpszlzn7t3c.jpg  photo p19_zps4mensbzs.jpg  photo p15_zpshvodules.jpg  photo p12_zpsx0vajfrd.jpg  photo p16_zpsjeixwlp1.jpg  photo p17_zpshlhmdvll.jpg