Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Class of 2015

We had just enough light and just enough time with no rain to get this fun session in this afternoon. She is such a talented girl and I can't wait to see what she does in the future! Thanks again miss "K" for the fun afternoon!  photo c8_zps6a973bf3.jpg  photo c2_zps8f0e27c2.jpg  photo c3_zps25f59273.jpg  photo c9_zpse96a8e84.jpg  photo c1_zps19d8a87b.jpg  photo c10_zpsd6e3931e.jpg  photo c7_zps282948cd.jpg  photo c5_zpsc010917b.jpg

Friday, October 10, 2014

Fun Family!

We lucked out for this session and got lots of great pictures before the raindrops started falling! These cute brothers love their little sister! She will have some great body guards when the boys start coming around. Thanks again "A" family!  photo a5_zps3a93bc08.jpg  photo a8_zps715196a6.jpg  photo a3_zpsc41c4bc9.jpg  photo a9_zpse17bd53d.jpg  photo a10_zpse2c8eba5.jpg  photo a4_zps32256666.jpg  photo a11_zps9dce801f.jpg  photo a7_zpsc0003f74.jpg

Friday, October 3, 2014

Sugar and spice and everything nice.....

I got to photograph this sweet angel the other day. There is something so special about a brand new baby, that's for sure!  photo l1_zps7ad1a6fb.jpg  photo l2_zpse4b141de.jpg  photo l3_zps0f73e5fb.jpg  photo l4_zps76659322.jpg

The "A" Family

I had lots of fun the other night getting to play with these three sweet boys and their parents! I have a house full of girls (and my one little man) so it's fun for me to see how boys interact and play. It was a good time!!  photo a4_zpsdf38e5b4.jpg  photo a2_zps4ba67737.jpg  photo a5_zps196dfa00.jpg  photo a1_zpsa86880b5.jpg  photo a6_zpsd829bcba.jpg  photo a8_zps3405798d.jpg  photo a10_zpse401f849.jpg