Monday, August 29, 2016

Sweet Baby

A couple weeks ago I got to go back to Hermiston for a little visit and take this sweet baby's pictures! There is nothing sweeter than a brand new baby! Congrats Brooke!!! He is adorable!
 photo b7_zps67cmgqtd.jpg  photo b4_zpsrhbxroyu.jpg  photo b2_zpslz274fzx.jpg  photo b6_zpss0elqeqv.jpg  photo b3_zpsvnghcacx.jpg  photo b5_zpsjrfnisan.jpg  photo b1_zps1fvmdl3x.jpg

Thursday, April 7, 2016

E Family!!

Over Easter weekend I got to take this fun families pictures!! I am lucky to call them family! They are my in laws and all these cute kiddos are my nieces and nephews! So I have got to watch them grow from babies.  Love those kids!! Thanks for the fun day E family!!

 photo e14_zps16khleh0.jpg  photo e10_zpsootgegp8.jpg  photo e3_zpssosparno.jpg  photo e11_zpsvmfk4rny.jpg  photo e2_zps1xyexvvl.jpg  photo e9_zpsevoymwsp.jpg  photo e16_zpszschjhl6.jpg  photo e8_zpsg1bmbgna.jpg  photo e5_zpskfgkaxbn.jpg  photo e18_zpsjoxywvjt.jpg  photo e13_zpsa1qwm7z9.jpg 
 And we have to end with this adorable face! Man I love that cute kid!  photo e7_zpsyrqnwyt8.jpg

Monday, March 14, 2016

So sweet....

A few mornings ago I was lucky enough to get to do a newborn session for baby R and her two older siblings! So much fun! I love brand new babies!! Hope you guys like them! Thanks again for having me!!
 photo m10_zps2bj0egeu.jpg  photo m8_zpshdbg4dy3.jpg  photo m6_zpsyh5rdm8g.jpg  photo m2_zpswbbcfknp.jpg  photo m11_zps1v7nbszb.jpg  photo m4_zpsorm5b4qs.jpg  photo m5_zpso4ox1iev.jpg  photo m9_zpsbk8hzibn.jpg  photo m1_zpsovtrrzih.jpg  photo m14_zpsyhqdmozc.jpg