Wednesday, November 6, 2013

This was one of the funnest sessions I have ever done.  It was so fun to bring in the horses and puppies especaially because this families animals are such a big part of their family.  And it doesn't hurt that they are some of my dearest friends.  She and I go way back before husbands and babies so it's so fun to see her family now!  Love you guys and hope you like them!!
 photo IMG_8315_zps860752b6.jpg photo t2_zpsbf90086b.jpg photo IMG_8356_zpsc0c5f076.jpg photo t3_zpsba620a07.jpg photo IMG_8164_zps6a5c178f.jpg photo IMG_8125_zpse7f2da91.jpg photo IMG_8015_zps9b2bfdaa.jpg photo IMG_7926_zps8480cfeb.jpg photo t1_zpsffd7e27c.jpg photo IMG_7864_zpse347f17f.jpg photo IMG_7961_zpsa9eebb0c.jpg photo t5_zpsb656c739.jpg photo t4_zpsda31ac79.jpg

Monday, November 4, 2013

Some of my favorites!

 photo b2_zpsbfd6b717.jpg
These are some of my most favorite people that I have known for a long time!  It's so fun to watch there family grow up.  Thanks for letting me take your pictures, it was super fun!  Love you guys!!!
 photo IMG_9333_zps2bb60330.jpg photo IMG_9528_zpsc9d2deca.jpg photo IMG_9465_zps9118cdbd.jpg photo IMG_9393_zpscec29c75.jpg photo IMG_9304_zps9bf909a8.jpg photo b1_zps0b790155.jpg

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Beautiful girls....

 photo j2_zpscbe07d4e.jpg

 photo IMG_9099_zps4105db57.jpg

 photo IMG_9153_zpsc4714e12.jpg
 photo IMG_9165_zps890a823b.jpg

 photo IMG_9093_zps5ff16811.jpg

 photo j1_zps3c1bb128.jpg